Benington’s history can be traced back to the 8th century when King Offa, the king of Mercia, was born in a castle on the site that is now Benington Lordhip.

More information can be found on the History page.

The Countryside

Despite being only five miles from Stevenage, Benington is set in a very rural location and visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding countryside from the network of footpaths and bridleways that criss-cross the village.

For information on wildlife, go to the Wildlife page.

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Benington Fair

A fair is held on the Green every year in July, attracting both residents and visitors alike. More details can be found on the Fair’s own website at www.beningtonfair.co.uk

Flower Festival

A Flower Festival takes place every year at the end of June with displays from various groups within the village creating displays within St Peter’s Church. Some gardens in the village are open to the public. Teas and lunches are available and there are other stalls and attractions. Check the Village Diary on the News page.

Village organisations

For information on village activities, go to the Contacts & Clubs page.

Benington Lordship

With its impressive gates located on the Green, Benington Lordship has an interesting history and its gardens attract visitors from around the world. For details of opening times visit the Benington Lordship website at www.beningtonlordship.co.uk
Telephone 01438 869 668
email garden@beningtonlordship.co.uk


The Bell
Raffie & Rashieda Hosein
4 Town Lane, Benington, SG2 7LA
Tel 01438 869 827
Mobile 07946 069 785
e-mail thebellinbenington@gmail.com

The Lordship Arms
42 Whempstead Road, Benington, SG2 7BX
Tel 01438 869 665