Benington Defibrillators

One defibrillator can be found in the porch of the Village Hall, 3, Walkern Road, SG2 7LN  and the other on the side wall of Ernest Doe and Son, Whempstead Road SG2 7BZ. This defibrillator cabinet is specially designed for outdoor use. It provides protection from dust, rain, cold, rust and moisture. The cabinet is temperature regulated and contains a heating and fan system to provide protection of the AED unit.

The cabinet is made of a clear anti-UV treated polycarbonate cover and ABS frame providing durable, shock resistant protection for the AED. It has an audible alarm and flashing red LED light when the cabinet is open.

The cabinet has a built in heating and fan system. The heating allows the AED to be stored in extreme cold conditions while the fan system allows heat to be extracted from the AED compartment when the weather is warm.

The sensor automatically activates a white light to help identification of the cabinet in low ambient light.

  • Essentially the white flashing helps people to locate the defibrillator
  • It flashes red if the case is opened and a siren also sounds too